We migrate your web pages automatically

We can help you migrate your web pages when you develop a new website. This will be done automatically and save your editors a lot of time consuming work. It also gives a more accurate result and more opportunities to adjust the content to the new website. Our tools use techniques that are CMS independent so don't hesitate to ask us if you need plan to move content.

What are the pros?

The transfer gives better quality than by doing it manually, shorter duration and you will have the ability to rerun the migration if needed.

What is the source?

The content can be read directly from the old website but it's also possible to use databases or documents as a source for new web pages.

How are the pages created?

The pages can be created directly in the CMS or imported with a file in a format compatible with your platform.
process migrering

Adjust code and content

It's possible to adjust the content in the process. Classes and attributes for styles can be replaced and text replacements made.

Handle structure

The pages can maintain their previous structure from the source website or be placed in different places in the new site.

Handle properties

The content fields/properties can be merged or split if the templates in the target site has different properties than the source.

Client case: www.hsb.se

When our web partner Sogeti was developing a new web site for HSB (one of Swedens largest cooperative association for housing), the old system had over thousands of sub sites stored. The content for all these had to be moved into the new Content Management System and doing this using manual cut and paste would have been extremely time consuming work. The challenge was to find a solution that required minimal work for the editors of HSB and transfer all the content during a tight schedule in time for launch.

An XML export from the previous site (based on Polopoly) was used as a source in this project. The new web site was built on EPiServer and all the differences in structure, templates and properties was specified and mapped together with HSB and Sogeti. When done, the migration had transferred more than 40.000 web pages and 18.000 images and documents over to the new site. The css and html content was automatically modified to match the formats and requirements of the new responsive templates, replacements where made in the textual content and publishing dates etc where preserved. Each sub sites local settings where automatically configured in EPiServer, data from other sources than the old web site etc was entered at the same time.